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KEDC Career Expo

The KEDC hosted a career expo that involved a series of community events. This project brought together organizations and our community members to learn about Kodiak's opportunities.


United States Coast Guard, Kodiak Area Native Association, Kodiak Island School Borough School District, Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center, Premier Mechanical, Cornerstone Construction, Highmark Marine Fabrication, Brechan Construction, and Best Western Inn Kodiak 



The goal of our Career Expo series was to connect our community with industry information and opportunity. We wanted to create an environment for kids and adults to come and learn about what Kodiak has to offer. We did not just focus on present entry-level jobs, but also highly-skilled positions. 

The KEDC Career Expo proved to be a success networking opportunity for our community.Participants were connected with resources and opportunities to advance their careers on Kodiak.

Get Involved with Project

This project has already been completed. Please reach out if you would like to partner for a similar project in the future.

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